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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

We operate with the understanding that clients and staff have a confidential and privileged relationship. All staff have been specifically trained to never use children’s names or family’s names outside of the center. Staff refrain from discussion about clients in public places and are held to the highest professional conduct regarding protecting client’s privacy. We do not disclose anything that is observed, discussed, or related to your child to anyone outside of the organization.

Your child’s personal information will be kept isolated and locked according to HIPAA regulations. All materials, individualized programs, and data are also kept confidential. The exception to this are notes that will be publicly posted regarding protocols for children in the same room as your child – but these notes will be regarding general procedures and are not highly private. Any use of this information outside of regular reporting purposes will require your permission and signature.

As stipulated by law, we will only release information under the following circumstances:

  • We have your written consent to release information

  • We determine that release of information is necessary to avoid a known danger

  • We have reasonable grounds to suspect abuse or neglect of a child

  • We are ordered by a judge to disclose information



Privacy Limitations

Please note that adults and siblings may see your child during drop off, pick up, or limited observation. During this time, you may also overhear details about a client’s case being discussed between another parent and clinician. We ask that you respect the privacy of other families both inside and outside the center. Should you wish to speak privately to a specific member of your child’s team upon drop-off or pick-up, please arrange this in advance with your Case Manager.



Access to Records and Documents

Parents have the right to request records and documents maintained by PSS. PSS will provide all records and documents within their control without undue delay.

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