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Our Services

Pākōlea Support Services offers a variety of services to meet your family’s needs

What is ABA?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis and is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.   It is achieved through setting up an environment that promotes behavior change.

ABA can:


Increase language and communication skills

Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and functional skills

Decrease problem behavior

The goal of any ABA program is to help each person work on skills that will help them become more independent and successful in the short term as well as in the future and is tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Our Services

kōlea Support Services relies on a wide range of proven ABA strategies in order to deliver effective behavioral health therapy for your child.  Some of the primary tools we employ include:


Evaluation of how ABA therapy can support each client’s unique needs.   Please note that we do NOT conduct diagnostic assessments.

Early Intervention Clinic Based Therapy

Our clinic is centrally located in Lihu‘e and can provide a more structured setting to build social skills, reduce challenging behaviors and acquire needed skills for children ranging 2 - 6 yrs of age.

Social Skills Groups

A highly qualified BCBA leads social skills groups with children and adolescents to assist with social interaction skills both in a clinical and community settings. 

Community Integration

Our therapists will bridge independence into a wide range of locations within the community and foster an inclusive quality of life.

Parent education and training

Both individualized and group parent training sessions on a variety of essential topics (e.g., behavior reduction, increasing communication, daily living skills).

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